Grey Marble Fireplace Surround

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Marble fireplaces are impressively attractive
Easy to clean & maintain
Heat & fire resistant with great durability & performance
Hand carved fireplaces will last for years”

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Weight 400 kg
Dimensions 150 × 134 cm

Pisa stone




35 cm

Self assembly

Professional installation recommended


Do you desire something grand and elegant for your home? Is your fireplace looking a little bare? Then this fireplace surround is precisely what you?re looking for. The Glazed Polished Grey Marble Fireplace from Pisa Stone is simply a work of art and a result of what is a true labour of love. The skill that has gone into creating this stunning fireplace surround simply cannot be overstated.

Hand-made by our skilled craftsmen, the Glazed Polished Grey Marble Fireplace is sure to transform any living space in your home and to inspire guests and make for an interesting topic of discussion. Each of these fireplace surrounds is made using traditional carving methods and is fabricated using high-quality marble. The beauty of utilising traditional techniques is that hand-crafted fireplace surrounds tend to last that much longer.

To say that marble fireplace surrounds are a highly attractive option would be an understatement. The Glazed Polished Grey Marble Fireplace is certainly no exception sporting a grey colour that lends itself well to any d?cor as well as an intricate hand-carved design that is a far cry from the usual sterile surfaces that are often indicative of natural stone fireplace surrounds. Whatever the style or age of your property, this is one fireplace surround that you simply can?t do without.

As with most marble fireplace surrounds, the Glazed Polished Grey Marble Fireplace is easy to clean and maintain. To keep it clean of any soot and dust is a simple matter of wiping it down with a damp cloth. Marble is a highly durable material, and that is highly resistant to heat and fire. This is great news if you happen to use your fireplace on a regular basis.

So, if your home boasts a gorgeous open fireplace that?s looking a little bare, why not treat yourself to the Glazed Polished Grey Marble Fireplace? This wonderful fireplace option can be ordered simply by inputting the desired quantity and hitting the ?Add to Basket? button above.


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