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    At Pisastone® we have several years of experience in the stone industry. Pisastone® was established in the heart of Manchester as one of the leading firms in designing and manufacturing worktops, mosaic artwork, fireplaces, balustrades, stone garden furniture, tiles, water fountains and much more.

    If you’re looking for kitchen worktop quotes, please visit our live quote page: However, for any bespoke projects or if you have any queries, our support team on 0161 4433227 will provide you with all the information you require. Not only that, we will help you with choosing a specific stone product and keep you updated with our entire work process. Our team is fully dedicated to their job and considers every customer a priority. It is extremely important to us that we can be as helpful as possible to our customers.

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  • Pisastone® Aims:

    • To provide individuals and businesses with the highest quality products at the most competitive prices.
    • To establish Pisastone® as the UK’s leading online stone products manufacturer.
    • To offer our customers an exceptional stone-related manufacturing service.
    • To expand our operation beyond the UK.

    Our quality of service can be clearly distinguished by our products. Regardless of the size of the project, our hand-carved products are always made with accuracy and professionalism from A-Z.

  • Pisastone® Worktops:

    Pisastone® is also considered as one of the premier producers of quartz, granite and marble worktops in the country, specialising in worktops for kitchens, restaurants & breakfast bars. We also specialise in designing and manufacturing worktops to the highest standard with the finest quality and superior finish, which can only be achieved by our experienced masonry skills, and the latest precision machinery. More importantly, our worktop service includes: template, fabrication, installation, fitting and delivery by our own highly-trained employees. Lastly, our prime quality worktop slabs, coming directly from the best suppliers in Britain, are made with the finest quality materials available, in order to ensure that we maintain our high standards whilst keeping our prices competitive.

    Kitchen Worktops

  • Pisastone® Mosaic Artwork:

    At Pisastone®, each piece of mosaic artwork is made from hand cut natural stone. Our mosaic pictures are handcrafted with extreme care and precision using traditional and ancient Roman techniques. In addition to our ready-made mosaic artwork, our artists will also craft custom-made mosaic artwork, which meets your needs & expectations. Therefore, if you have a particular design in mind, the Pisastone® handcraft team can turn your design into reality.

    At Pisastone®, we pick the broken pieces and turn them into astonishing artwork. Furthermore, Pisastone® is committed to delivering unique art decor by designing, creating and executing long-lasting, high-quality handcrafted custom mosaics through great and flexible customer care. See our latest mosaic projects.

    Mosaic Artwork

    Pisastone® Mosaic Art picture 22
  • Pisastone® Garden Furniture:

    We produce top quality and hand-carved garden stonework such as benches, tables, lanterns, urns, planters, and more. Our range of decorative stonework caters for indoor & outdoor requirements. For many years, we’ve been satisfying the needs of individual customers and businesses (from private gardens to large commercial projects and much more). Pisastone® provides exceptional value and therefore, by ordering from us, you can be assured top quality and value. Most of the products are made and despatched directly from our premises. Please note many items on the website are made to order. If you have a specific design and size, please contact us for a quotation.

    Garden Furniture