Light Yellow Limestone Fireplace Surround

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  • Limestone Fireplaces Are Impressively Attractive
  • Very Easy to Clean and Maintain
  • Resistant to Heat and Fire
  • Great Durability and Proven Performance
  • Hand Carved Fireplaces Will Last For Years

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Weight 450 kg



Pisa Stone


132 cm


160 cm

Self assembly

Professional installation recommended


A limestone fireplace that has been handmade by highly skilled craftsmen using traditional methods is truly a thing of beauty. Pisa Stone is happy to offer this matt yellow limestone fireplace that is sure to be the perfect centrepiece for any room it?s placed in.

The number one reason to choose our matt light yellow limestone fireplace is its aesthetic appeal. Visually striking and carefully hand crafted from high quality materials, each unit will only get better with age, giving you a one of a kind fireplace.

While the mass manufactured options may be cheaper in price, they are also identical to one another, which is far from the perfect choice when you are looking to make an impression. When it comes to bringing your property to life, a luxurious bespoke piece is the ideal way to achieve great character.

On top of guaranteeing individuality, our limestone fireplaces are truly beautiful to behold. Because they have been handmade by leading industry craftsmen, they will have that effortless appearance of quality that cannot be paralleled by a unit that has been made on an assembly line in a factory.

You can rest assured knowing that our limestone fireplaces have been made utilising only the highest quality materials available on the market that are always responsibly sourced. The difference between the real deal and cheaper imported limestone is obvious, so it is definitely worth investing in the authentic product.

The appearance of your new matt light yellow limestone fireplace will only improve as time goes on. After it has weathered for a few years, you will notice it taking on a unique textured appearance that will keep evolving.


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