• Technistone

    A high-quality composite quartz material with amazing functionality that will meet even the most sophisticated demands, Technistone consists of 93% natural quartz and granite minerals that have been blended with colour pigments, resin and other selected ingredients for maximum durability, consistency and performance.

    Technistone will give property owners a great combination of functionality and visual appeal, making it one of the best solutions for kitchens. The material is easy to maintain, highly durable as well as non-porous. There’s a great colour selection available to complement any type of existing kitchen design.

    As one of the hardest minerals in the world, quartz products are known for their durability and capability to resist any external aggressions. It’s also highly versatile, equally suited for domestic residences and commercial properties.

    A great benefit of Technistone is that it’s non-porous. This means that there is nowhere for bacteria, mould, mildew and undesirable microorganisms to take hold. When your surface looks clean, it really is clean and you won’t have to worry about getting ill.

    This type of surface also makes for easy cleaning with no need for specialist cleaning products. Some warm water and a cleaning cloth is all you need to make your new Technistone kitchen worktops look as good as new.

    Technistone is a durable non-porous compacted product that consists of natural materials that have been carefully chosen for their quality and rigorously tested endurance. The product is completed by coloured pigments to give it its attractive final appearance. There are many thicknesses and surface finishing options to choose from!

    As you will be able to tell from all of the information above, Technistone is a highly versatile flexible material that will meet even the most stringent requirements when it comes to performance, longevity and hygiene.

    Technistone Worktops Colors

    Brilliant Black
    Brilliant Grey
    Brilliant White
    Classic Ice
    Crystal Anthracite
    Crystal Nevada
    Crystal Quartz White
    Crystal Royal
    Crystal Sahara
    Crystal Absolute White
    Crystal Diamond
    Crystal Polar White
    Gobi Brown
    Gobi Black
    Gobi Grey
    Harmonia Altay
    Harmonia Dolomites
    Harmonia Velasco
    Harmonia Yosemite
    Harmonia Sierra
    Karpat Arizona
    Noble Athos Brown
    Noble Carrara
    Noble Cloudy Onyx
    Noble Concrete Grey
    Noble Desiree Grey
    Noble Imperial Grey
    Noble Ivory White
    Noble Olympos Mist
    Noble Pietra Grey
    Noble Supreme White
    Sonora Light
    Starlight Brown
    Starlight Brown
    Starlight Corto
    Starlight Mocca
    Starlight Ruby
    Starlight Sand
    Starlight Black
    Starlight Frappe
    Starlight Grey
    Starlight Latte
    Starlight White
    Taurus Brown Pearl