Alba 30×60 BrownGrey

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Durable material, Liquids, Chemicals and Stain Resistance Fireproof & Heat Resistant, Great with underfloor heating, environmentally friendly, timeless & classy appearance, affordable, scratch resistant, Hygienic, available in various designs and colours and can last for decades.

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Our Alba 30×60 BrownGrey tile is available in various designs and colours, with a classy and timeless appearance, to suit any style and requirements. This is a tile that has many benefits when installed correctly. If you have underground heating in your property, this tile works great alongside, and is also an environmentally friendly option.

As it is manufactured from porcelain, it is incredibly durable, the tough, solid and dense porcelain making it enormously resistant to most heavy impact stresses. The natural stain and water resistance, plus scratch resistance, of porcelain also makes it an easy to maintain material, requiring low maintenance. In comparison to the more permeable types of its rivals, this tile is more resistant to liquid penetration due to its compactness and density.

If you are looking to keep your space cool during summer, our Alba tile is the ideal choice. Due to the creation of mullite throughout the heating process, this tile is fireproof and heat resistant. The melting point of porcelain is 2400 Celsius, so this tile can withstand very high temperatures and also prevent the transference of flames in case of a fire.

When porcelain tiles are installed properly and constantly maintained, they can last for decades. While they are excellently resistant to cracks and breaks due to the advanced technology, components, heating and compressing process used in the manufacture of porcelain, if a crack does appear, the broken tile can be removed and replaced.

The finish of this Alba tile is semi polished, and it is suitable for a variety of areas in your property. This tile can be installed in bathrooms, hallways, indoors, kitchens, and living rooms, either for flooring or for wall tiling. As it is hygienic and easy to clean, this tile would be ideal for your bathrooms or kitchens use.


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