Winglike glazed polished marble mosaic circular table

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Modern romantic type of office or garden table which is made of marble mosaic materials.
This winged circular table is completely handmade carved by professional touches.
It can be used anywhere you want because it is made of solid marble to endure the temperature changes for a long time.

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Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 50 cm

Pisa stone




Indoor, Outdoor








This gorgeous acuminate slanted glazed polished marble mosaic circular table is a versatile option that will be suitable for numerous different living or working spaces. From garden areas to offices and everything else in between, you can?t go wrong with a beautiful handmade marble piece from Pisa Stone.

Marble is normally known as a flooring and building material, however, it has become an increasingly popular choice for table tops and it?s easy to see why. On top of its obvious aesthetic appeal, a marble table will also be highly durable and only get better with age.

Our acuminate slanted glazed polished marble mosaic circular table has a sophisticated appeal and it will be a great addition for practically any living space. Your new piece is guaranteed to act as the centrepiece of the room it is placed in and be a great conversation starter.

When a high-quality handmade marble table is properly looked after, it can easily outlast other furniture items. Their longevity and great durability have been proven, so you can consider this table a long term investment rather than a one-off purchase.

While a marble table needs maintenance, it?s not complicated. Regular wiping will do the trick just fine and you won?t need any specialist products. You can also stay one step ahead by using placemats and coasters to avoid any kind of staining.

Marble?s hardness, polished finish, flexibility and appealing natural textures make it a perfect material for a table top. Bring your interior design to the next level by purchasing this acuminate slanted glazed polished marble mosaic circular table from Pisa Stone!


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