Glazed polished Marble Mosaic Square Table

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This modern romantic style table is perfect for a home office or a garden area. Made up of marble mosaic materials, the circular table is completely handmade. You can clearly see the delicate professional touches and appreciate the level of craftsmanship that has gone into the construction. You can use this table practically anywhere you want. Made from solid marble, it can easily withstand drastic temperature changes over extended periods of time.

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Weight 85 kg
Dimensions 90 × 90 × 75 cm

Pisa stone




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A symbol of luxury for centuries, you simply cannot go wrong with marble when looking to bring your interior design to the next level. This glazed polished marble mosaic square table from Pisa Stone will give you the best of both worlds as far as visual appeal and unbeatable durability. Marble is effortlessly elegant and will never go out of style. Homeowners looking to decorate their indoor or outdoor spaces with a timeless high quality piece will absolutely love this glazed mosaic table.

A favourite of royalty for centuries, marble has been extensively used in various palaces, temples as well as government buildings. If you have been looking for a way to add a regal touch to your existing living space, then you have found the perfect product in this mosaic table. The visual appeal of marble is undeniable and the material is very versatile when it comes to complementing its surroundings. Found in a variety of colours and finishes, this alluring marble table will definitely catch glimpses and inspire conversations.

There is more to marble than beauty, though. The material is widely recognised for its strength and durability, known to retain its appeal for many years to come as long as it is properly maintained with specialist products. Whether you will be using this marble mosaic square table as a coffee table or in your outdoor garden area, it will definitely be the centrepiece of any space that it?s placed in. With its durability proven, a marble table from Pisa Stone can be considered an investment rather than a one-time purchase.


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