Crema Marfil Limestone Hearth

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Crema Marfil Limestone Fireplace Hearth is impressively attractive, easy to clean & maintain. This hand carved fireplaces Hearth is heat resistant with great durability & performance.

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Pisa stone




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Crema Marfil Limestone Hearth:

Why Crema Marfil Limestone Hearth? If you are looking for a beautiful fireplace Hearth that will exude simplistic sophistication, then look no further than Pisa Stone. We pride ourselves on offering our customers a range of unique products that will enhance their properties, and our stunning Glazed Polished Fireplace Hearth.

Comprised of limestone, this highly aesthetically pleasing fireplace will lend itself well to an array of decor styles and themes. Our Glazed Polished Crema Marfil Fireplace Hearth is hand-carved and therefore a stunningly unique feature that is truly one of a kind. Fireplace Hearth would lend itself well to an array of properties, most notably those seeking a minimalistic elegance.

Crema Marfil Limestone Hearth:

With its glazed polished finish, this fireplace Hearth would lend itself well to those seeking a feature that perfectly complements their existing traditional, modern or contemporary decor style.One of the many benefits of our Glazed Polished Crema Marfil Fireplace Hearth is that it is both heat and fire-resistant, thus ensuring that your fireplace Hearth is in line with all safety regulation and fit for purpose.
This fireplace Hearth option also offers excellent durability and performance, meaning it is not only stunning but built to last.

Better still, our Glazed Polished Crema Marfil Fireplace Hearth is also incredibly easy to clean and maintain, therefore making it a convenient and cost-effective option.

All you need is soft cotton cloth and diluted liquid soap to clean your beautiful new fireplace, which will restore it to its beautiful appearance again.To find out more about our exceptional products, including our Glazed Polished Crema Marfil Fireplace Hearth, get in touch with our helpful team by calling us on 0161 443 3227.

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