Black Basalt and Light Yellow Fireplace Surround

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  • Limestone Fireplaces Are Highly Attractive
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain
  • Heat and Fire Resistant with Great Durability and Performance
  • Our Hand Carved Fireplaces Will Last For Years

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Weight 400 kg

Pisa stone




136 cm


154 cm

Internal size

75 x 77 cm


35 cm

Self assembly

Professional installation recommended


Black Basalt and Light Yellow Fireplace:

Are you on the market for a supremely attractive fireplace that is going to make the interior of your home pop? Look no further than this Glazed Polished Black Basalt and Light Yellow Fireplace from Pisa Stone. You will benefit from proven durability as well as a beautiful aesthetic that will always be visually striking and in-style.

Measuring at 154 by 136 centimetres, our Glazed Polished Black Basal, and Light Yellow Fireplace has been hand-crafted. Guaranteed to last for years and years, the beautiful colour combination will make this unique piece the centre of attention.

Everyone visiting your property will immediately notice your new Glazed Polished Black Basalt and Light Yellow Fireplace and comment on how great it looks. If you have been trying to find that perfect product that will add a level of luxury to your property, then your search is over.

With a long history and a proven track record of excellence when it comes to durability, limestone is as popular today as ever before. Known for its aesthetic appeal as well as being easy to craft and effortless to maintain, you can?t go wrong with high-quality limestone.

When compared to other materials that are often used for similar pieces, limestone is much more affordable than marble, for example. The aesthetics of a Glazed Polished Black Basalt and Light Yellow Fireplace will never go out of style, making it a smart investment rather than a one-time expense.

Whether you are looking to install your new Glazed Polished Black Basalt and Light Yellow Fireplace in your private residence or a commercial property, the eyes of every visitor will immediately be drawn to it.

Pisa Stone only uses the highest quality natural stone during the manufacturing process. Our fireplaces will give you the best of both worlds as far being highly practical as well as visually striking and luxurious.


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