• Cimstone

    A quartz based compound stone produced with the Italian Breton technology, Cimstone combines the textures of natural stone with the robustness of quartz. Thanks to its antibacterial qualities, it’s oftentimes utilised in laboratories, internal walls, facades and window sills.

    Because it won’t absorb liquid thanks to its composition, Cimstone won’t stain, either. Furthermore, it will provide high resistance to the negative effects of acids and bases. There are many different colour choices available to match any existing décor.

    Cimstone will blend very well with any kind of furniture and accessories. It can be designed to your taste and made to truly stand out with a high-quality finish. Because of the many texture options available to choose from, Cimstone can adapt to modern kitchens and bathrooms.

    Cimstone can be very effectively utilised in other areas besides kitchen worktops. This includes wall panels, floors, dining and coffee tables, and much more. You won’t have to worry about staining from even the most acidic of substances.

    Not only that, Cimstone’s robustness makes it completely resistant to scratches, cuts as well as general wear that other materials may experience over the years. As one of the hardest mineral stones in nature, it’s hard to beat quartz’s hardness.

    It’s going to be effortless to keep your new Cimstone worktop looking as good as the day it was installed. This is because it won’t absorb any water, it’s stain resistant and won’t require constant cleaning and maintenance.

    Due to the above, you also won’t have to worry about dormant bacteria that might make you and your family members ill – Cimstone is perfectly hygienic and will prevent the growth of microorganisms.

    Made in Turkey, Cimstone is an environmentally friendly choice thanks to the advanced technology utilised in its production as well as its content of recycled products. Cimstone branded products are sure to offer complete customer satisfaction!

    Cimstone Worktops Colors

    100 Hierapolis
    328 Nevers
    332 Lapaz
    402 Arcadia
    645 Boreas
    796 Sines
    811 Elvas
    815 Smyrna
    870 Tundra
    880 Toros
    890 Terra
    900 Lapland
    930 Ares
    936 Olympos
    955 Barents
    985 Efes